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Thursday, 5 May 2011

aMSN 0.98.4 Download

aMSN is a MSN Messenger that is free open source. The offline messaging application software can ably take up voice clips and offers its users a window which is new to aMSN and combined with it a Contact List. The customizable emoticons put more attraction to the window of aMSN that can display picture with all the more easily.

aMSN 0.98.4 Download
Description : Download aMSN is an alternative to the classic MSN Messenger, with more features provided for users with free antispyware and Trojans.The following table shows download link for Windows and Mac
Version :0.98 File size :32MB Last update : 2010-12-10
Operation systems
aMSN 0.98.4 free Download
Windows XP/2000/98
aMSN 0.98.4 can ably put into view an option of support to about 40 languages with any hitches. More interestingly now you can take part into more than one account at a time and can transfer as many as files you want. Group Support option is present within it and while chatting options like emoticons with sound and animation will puts its trace in front of you so as to make your chat session all the more exciting.
The new instant messenger has been geared up with a more updated technology that will make your work run more easily and without any glitches.

aMSN 0.98.4 Key Features:
  • A log sheet of the chat sessions.
  • Alarms for an upcoming event.
  • Support of webcam.
  • Support to carry out conferencing.
  • All the history in colours so as to make you understood and remind of your past conversations.
  • As soon as a file transfer gets completed the aMSN can put it into close mode.
  • Options of various skins within the chat window.
  • All the skin windows does not take too much time while loading.
  • The plugins are provided so as to get compatible with the supported languages.
  • The bottom of the chat window as offered is resizable.

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